Posted on 15th July 2022

Grant Liberty Releases 2022 Report on Prisoners of Conscience in Saudi Arabia

The annual report sheds light on political prisoners in Saudi Arabia who are being tortured and murdered

London, United Kingdom (June 17, 2022) – Grant Liberty, a human rights organisation campaigning for the release of prisoners of conscience held in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and China, has released important findings from its 2022 Report on Prisoners of Conscience in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s leadership recently announced a “Vision 2030” campaign to launder their global reputation and attract tourism. But through this new report, Grant Liberty recounts the stories of those who are imprisoned by the regime in hopes that the world will wake up to the truth behind this expensive PR campaign – murder.

A prisoner of conscience is anyone imprisoned because of their race, sexual orientation, religion, or political views. In addition, it includes those who have been persecuted for the nonviolent expression of their conscientiously held beliefs.

Grant Liberty identified 311 known prisoners of conscience in the MBS-era, which is the era of the nation’s leader, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud (MBS). A staggering 53 prisoners have been tortured, six sexually assaulted, and 14 forced into hunger strikes. The report details 23 women’s rights activists – 11 still in prison; 54 journalists; 22 arrested for crimes committed as children – five of those put to death; a further 13 facing the death penalty for crimes committed as minors, and four who have died in custody.

The report describes everything from the campaigning that led to the prisoners’ arrest, to the barbaric treatment they have suffered and the legal positions they face. It includes new data that provides insight into the bigger picture alongside individual testimonies detailing the very real personal torment from the family members of those in prison.

“We must make people aware of the sheer brutality, murders and sexual assault happening to prisoners of conscience in Saudia Arabia,” said Lucy Rae, director of communications for Grant Liberty. “It’s our duty as a human race to protect the innocent, and we can start by demanding the release of these prisoners. Grant Liberty will not stop until every prisoner of conscience is freed and that Saudi Arabia is recognised for what it really is – a pariah to democracy and human rights.”

Saudi Arabia simply cannot succeed in a post-oil economy if it remains a social pariah and loses the foreign investment and tourism they are so desperately seeking. Now is the perfect time for activists to come forward and lobby for change.

“We need everyone’s support in freeing the innocent. Even just sharing the information on your social channels goes a long way in spreading awareness for this cause,” Rae added.

For more information on the report and how you can support this important cause, visit

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Saudi Arabian dissidents ‘being sexually assaulted and murdered’ in prison