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In prison since : 2016

Israa Al-Ghomgham

Human rights activist

  • Saudi Public Prosecutor Saud bin Abdullah al-Mu’ajib, who calls for the execution of the activist / Israa, is the same public prosecutor sent by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as part of the investigations into the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and showed everyone not to be neutral.
  • In the event that the activist / Israa Al-Ghumgham is sentenced to death, the case will be brought to the king to ratify the ruling, and in the event of ratification the verdict will be carried out by beheading, and then “Israa Al-Ghumgham” will become the first Saudi woman to be executed as a result of her participation in activities of a peaceful nature.
  • Despite all these violations, there is still no real accountability, the lowest of which is the suspension of Saudi Arabia’s membership in the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Urgent appeal:

The Saudi authorities to show the activist / Israa Al-Ghamgham, where some information indicates that she was subjected to some violations inside the detention center that led to the deterioration of her psychological and physical condition, information that the activist does not bring to the second session of her trial before the Specialized Criminal Court on October 28, 2018, and then not to bring it to The third session is on November 21, 2018, which raises many concerns about her physical and psychological integrity.

The alleged reason for arrest:

Mrs. Israa Al-Ghumgham, accompanied by her husband, Mr. Musa Al-Hashem, participated in demonstrations in the city of Qatif organized by the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia in 2011, and this was in the wake of being affected by the wave of Arab Spring revolutions, and their demands included improving the status of their marginalized city, and ending the systematic discrimination faced by the Shiite minority in Their country, and the demands that arrested her, her husband and others.

Personal information

Marital status: Married

Date of birth: 10/01/1990

Profession: Human rights activist

Place of residence: Al-Qatif

Arrest and jail information

Date of arrest: 2016
Manner of arrest:

  1. On December 6, 2015, a Saudi force stormed and arrested her husband’s house in Qatif.
  2. She remained under enforced disappearance and then arbitrarily detained for 32 months, first appearing on court on August 6, 2018.
  3. Place of detention: Public Investigation Prison, Dammam, until now.

Where held : Al-Mabaheth (General Investigations Directorate), Dammam

Trial information

Date of first court presentation: August 6, 2018, is still ongoing.


Joining a terrorist entity that aims to create chaos and turmoil inside the kingdom, participating in marches and gatherings in the Qatif governorate, inciting young people to go out in those marches and gatherings, photographing those gatherings, documenting and publishing them through social networking sites (Facebook), and participating in the funeral of the victims of clashes Security with the demonstrators, preparing, sending, and storing what would prejudice the public order and punish it under Article 6 of the 2007 Electronic Crime Prevention System, creating it on social media sites and using it to stimulate marches, riot and incite young people against the state and security forces, in addition to publishing pictures And videos of those gatherings and marches of a number of victims of the security clashes, the establishment of a YouTube channel to post videos of the victims of the security clashes.

Court: The Specialized Criminal Court.

Updates on trial :

The trial was postponed on 13/01/2019 without a new date being set. The Public Prosecutor had been calling for the death sentence. On 31/01/2019 the Saudi authority announced Israa will not be facing the death penalty.

The second hearing was scheduled for October 28, 2018, and the activist was not brought in, so another session was scheduled for November 21, 2018, and it was also not attended, for a further appointment on January 13, 2019.

Requests of the Attorney General: Sentenced to death by beheading, on the basis of the “ta’zir” principle in Sharia.

Verdict : No final verdict has been issued

Date of the verdict : Unknown

State Human Rights Violations

Arbitrary arrest/ detention

Violation details:

Legal violations related to the period of detention:

  1. Not to inform her of the accusation upon arrest and present it to the investigation authorities, which contravenes Article (116) of the Saudi Criminal Procedure Law, which provides for informing the accused of the charges against him at the time of his arrest.
  2. Violation of Article (114) of the Saudi Penal Procedures Law, which stipulates that the period of detention should not exceed a maximum of 360 days, which is what the activist / Israa Al-Ghumgham has transgressed, which appears from the date of the commencement of her trial.
  3. Not allowing her to attend a lawyer.
  4. Inability to ascertain the conditions of her detention and what she is exposed to.
  5. The authorities threatened the attorneys who would plead with it, which led to the lawyers’ failure to accept her case.
  6. Legal violations related to the current trial period:
  7. No lawyer was available to attend the first session of her trial.
  8. She is the first woman to be requested to be executed by interrogation authorities on the basis of peaceful activities, as no activists have been charged with committing violent acts, whether for her, her husband or the other four activists. Because of the lack of independence of the judiciary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the judiciary and the deputies working in Saudi Arabia can formulate rubber charges and include the largest number of defendants under these charges.
  9. The Public Prosecutor’s request to carry out a death sentence against her on the basis of the principle of ta’zir in the Sharia, which is a circumvention of the provisions of Islamic Sharia by requesting the ruling in the wrong place, in a way that gives the judge the freedom to act in defining the crime and determining the sentence, which is dangerous in light of the lack of independence of the judiciary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .


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