Project Description

In prison since : June 2018

Ali al-Zaal

Poet and public figure

The alleged reason for arrest:

Writing two tweets on his account on the social networking site Twitter,

  • In the first tweet, he demanded in the first to hold Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd bin Saad Al Saud accountable, given his fraud cases with the victim and his involvement in corruption cases and fraud on citizens in general, and even before his arrest he published a tweet indicating that he was threatened with imprisonment for what he wrote.
  • As for the second tweet, it preceded the first by months, by responding with prayers for good on a tweet about the arrest of the opposition prince / Nawwaf bin Talal Al-Rasheed.

Personal information

Marital status: Married

Date of birth: Unknown

Profession: Poet and public figure

Place of residence: Riyadh

Arrest and jail information

Date of arrest: June 2018

Manner of arrest :

His detention was confirmed in the month of June 2018, as several websites reported that he had been arrested on June 23, while sources reported that his arrest was made hours after writing his last tweet on Friday, June 8, 2018 corresponding to 24 Ramadan 1439 AH.

Where held: unknown

Trial information

Charges: The investigation authorities did not charge him any violations and he was not presented to the prosecution.

Court: It has not been issued yet

Updates on trial: None so far

Verdict: unknown

Date of the verdict: unknown


Arbitrary arrest/ detention, Enforced disappearance

Violation details :

  1. The victim was arrested in a malicious manner and without judicial permission.
  2. Not to notify the victim of the charges against him upon arrest, which is in violation of Article (116) of the Saudi Penal Procedures System.
  3. Not declaring the victim’s whereabouts and not allowing his lawyer to meet him.
  4. Not allowing a lawyer to appear during any investigation so far.
  5. The victim has not been brought before the prosecution office yet.
  6. Intentionally torturing and insulting the victim.


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