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In prison since : April 29, 2018

Badr al-Otaibi

Islamic cleric and Academic

The alleged reason for arrest:

  • He published a tweet in which he criticized the establishment of free wrestling matches, and the contents of the appearance of men in inappropriate clothes in a manner that contradicts the teachings of the Islamic religion, customs and traditions in Saudi Arabia, and his criticism coincided with the signing of the General Sports Authority for the agreement to establish matches, which angered the head of the General Authority and the adviser in the Royal Court / Turki bin Abdul Mohsen bin Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh.
  • The victim was not known for any activity opposing the Saudi authorities but was a supporter of them, and his criticism of the matches was based on what the Saudi regime was previously pursuing.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed an excessive expansion of arrests since the arrival of Muhammad bin Salman to the mandate of the Covenant. These arrests did not reach only opponents of the regime, but also extended to supporters of it, and also included religious scholars, liberal advocates and human rights activists, media, academic and prominent business men and women.

Personal information

Marital status: Married

Date of birth: December 1972

Profession: Islamic cleric and Academic

Place of residence:

Arrest and jail information

Date of arrest: April 29, 2018

Manner of arrest :

  • On April 29, 2018, the Saudi authorities arrested him.
  • The Saudi authorities have not responded to the reasons for his arrest or detention at the time, and he remains in detention to date.
  • He remains in arbitrary detention without knowing any information about him.
  • Close relatives of the victim submitted a petition to the Saudi crown prince to release him, but this was rejected.

Where held: Unknown

Trial information

Charges: Unknown

Court: Not yet held

Updates on trial:

Verdict: Not yet held

Date of the verdict: Not yet held

State Human Rights Violations

Arbitrary arrest/ detention, Enforced disappearance

Violation details:

  1. Violation of Article (116) of the Saudi Penal Procedures Law, which provides for informing the accused of the charges against him at the time of his arrest.
  2. Failure to enable the victim to contact a lawyer or an agent or visit, and this is contrary to Article (119), which states that: In all cases, the investigator may order that the accused do not contact other prisoners or detainees and that no one visit him for a period not exceeding sixty days if an interest requires the investigators to do so, without prejudice to the accused’s right to contact his agent or his lawyer.
  3. Violation of Article (114) of the Saudi Penal Procedures Law, which states that the period of detention should not exceed 360 days as a maximum.


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