Project Description

Name: Barjas Hammoud Al-Barjas

Barjas Hammoud Al-Barjas

Prisoner Status: Released

Primary Group: Business Person

Arrest Date: 18 August 2018

Personal information

Name: Barjas Hammoud Al-Barjas

Name in Arabic: برجس حمود البرجس

Date of Birth: Unknown

Gender: Male

Marital status: Unknown

Profession: Economist

Place of residence: Unknown

Arrest and jail information

Date of arrest:18 August 2018

Manner of arrest: Unknown

Where held: Unknown

Trial information

Alleged crimes: Saudis said that the reason behind his arrest was his objection to raising electricity bills fees in a tweet dating back to last March. Others transmitted a short video clip, which showed the Crown Prince saying to Al-Barjas: "We want you to criticize the project." On the day he criticized his imprisonment. "

While the journalist Jamal Khashoggi considered that "these arrests prevent the soul from tweeting, from joy, from Eid and even from hope, Barjas deserves to be thanked and heard from him." Likewise, Iman Al-Hamoud, a Saudi journalist living in France, wrote : “Dear friend Barjis Al-Barjas, one of the most sincere lovers of the homeland with him .. I noticed a change in his line recently, even this change did not help him. Beware, oh homeland, of mistakes made by your enemies.”

Victim's charges: Unknown

Court: Unknown

Verdict: Unknown

Date of verdict: Unknown

Updates on trial: Unknown

Previous arrests:

Human Rights Violations

Violations: Arbitrary arrest/ detention

Violation details: Unknown


Reference 1: None

Reference 2:

Reference 3:

Reference 4: None


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