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Status: In Prison

Fatima Al-Nassif

Fatima ِAl-Nassif

Personal information

Name: Fatima ِAl-Nassif
Gender: Female
Marital Status:
Date of birth / Age:
Profession: --
Place of residence: Qatif

Arrest and jail information

Date of Arrest:
Manner of arrest: Al Nassif was arrested by masked officers belong to the intelligence police while she was in the car with her two daughters, Shahad and Batoul. The officer used excessive force hitting Alnassif's head against the car which lead to a bruise on the face.
Where held: --

Trial information

Alleged crimes:
Victim's Charges:
Court: Specialised Criminal Court (SCC)
Date of verdict:
Updates on trial:

Human Rights Violations

Violation details:


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