Fawzan al-Ghaslan

Fawzan al-Ghaslan

Fawzan al-Ghaslan

The authorities have released the poet and novelist Fawaz Al-Ghuslan in May 2019, who was arrested as part of a campaign of arrests launched by the Saudi authorities in September 2017. Al-Ghuslan was arrested from his home in the city of Hail, north of Riyadh, due to his tweets criticizing the Kingdom's policy, calls for normalisation with Israel and the siege of Qatar.

Personal information

Name: Fawzan al-Ghaslan

Name in Arabic: فوزان الغسلان

Date of Birth: Unknown

Gender: Male

Marital status: Unknown

Profession: Poet

Place of residence: Riyadh

Arrest and jail information

Date of arrest:12 September 2017

Manner of arrest: Unknown

Where held: Unknown

Trial information

Alleged crimes: He wrote in a tweet about Qatar days before his arrest, “In the battle of (Khanur) in 1304 AH - 1888 CE, Sheikh Jassim Al Thani disciplined the Al Nahyan, and (the battle) still controls the thoughts and feelings of the sheikhs of the Emirates in their dealings with Qatar."

He also criticized Saudi Arabia's policies, saying, "Countries are not measured by space, but by citizen welfare, justice, economic success, domestic production, agricultural and industrial, and avoiding political indiscretion."

Regarding the normalization policies, Al-Ghassan tweeted, "After we made Islamic groups our first enemy, we began to hear words of rapprochement and normalization with Israel and the possibility of alliance with it and the exchange of embassies ... wonders."

Victim's charges: Unknown

Court: Unknown

Verdict: Unknown

Date of verdict: Unknown

Updates on trial: Unknown

Previous arrests:

Human Rights Violations

Violations: Arbitrary arrest/ detention

Violation details: Unknown


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Reference 4: None


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