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In prison since:
Status: Released

Walid Fitaihi

Walid Fitaihi

Personal information

Name: Walid Fitaihi
Gender: Male
Marital Status:
Date of birth / Age: 24 September 1964
Profession: Medical professional
Place of residence: Jeddah

Arrest and jail information

Date of Arrest:
Manner of arrest: Arrested with excessive force from the hospital where he worked
Where held: Al-Ha’ir Prison, Riyadh

Trial information

Alleged crimes:
Victim's Charges:
Court: --
Date of verdict:
Updates on trial: On 3 February 2020 the court held the first session on a new trial for Waleed Fitaihi

Human Rights Violations

Violations: Arbitrary arrest/ detention , Enforced disappearance , Denied contact with family , Denied access to a lawyer , Torture and ill-treatment
Violation details: Arbitrary arrest and detention without charge for 20 months; He was placed un chair and electrocuted , whipped , denied family visits and phone calls for long periods he was blindfolded and handcuffed inside the prison


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