Yousef al-Ahmad

Yousef al-Ahmad

Yousef al-Ahmad

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Sharia at Al-Imam University in Riyadh. was previously arrested and sentenced to 5 years for speaking out against arresting women protesting in front of the ministry of interior on the second of july 2011. He was then released on the 12th of november 2012 and now arrested with the September 2017 wave of arrests.

Personal information

Name: Yousef al-Ahmad

Name in Arabic: یوسف الأحمد

Date of Birth: 21 May 1905

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married

Profession: Academic

Place of residence: Riyadh

Arrest and jail information

Date of arrest:13 September 2017

Manner of arrest: Armed officers raided his home and took him initially to an unknown location, later discovered to be Al-Ha’ir Prison, Riyadh

Where held: Al-Ha’ir Prison, Riyadh

Trial information

Alleged crimes: Issuing dubious fatwas, among other accusations. Youssef Al-Ahmad, who was arrested in September 2017 as part of a campaign of arrests that targeted preachers, writers, and other media professionals. Against the background of their position rejecting their country's approach to the Gulf crisis.The prosecution charged him with supporting the "Brotherhood" group and defending it by posting tweets on "Twitter", including his support for the group, his defense and mercy on some of its leaders, and his preservation of computer materials against the state and in support of extremist and terrorist groups and glorifying their symbols.

Among them are the accusations leveled against "Al-Ahmad", the acquisition of pictures of Al-Qaeda leader "Osama bin Laden", poems glorifying him and praising his organization, pictures of suicide bombers who carried out terrorist acts inside the kingdom, pictures of Saudi prisons from a program, and others for writing on the wall of an electricity tower. It included a phrase insulting to the government, as well as a picture of the leader of the "Brotherhood" group.

Al-Ahmad was also accused of traveling to Qatar to attend a conference and meet officials there without official permission from the Kingdom’s government, and his defense of Qatar and its ruler, after the boycott by the four countries (Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt).

Victim's charges: Issuing dubious fatwas, among other accusations

Court: Specialised Criminal Court (SCC)

Verdict: Unknown

Date of verdict: Unknown

Updates on trial: Unknown

Previous arrests:

Human Rights Violations

Violations: Arbitrary arrest/ detention , Enforced disappearance , Denied contact with family , Denied access to a lawyer, Placed in solitary confinement

Violation details: Placed in solitary confinement


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