Following on from our 2021 Saudi Sportswashing report, the level of investment and the obfuscation of that opera- tion has grown exponentially in the region. Sporting stars and brands that had previously shunned offers to play in Saudi due to human rights abuses, have now been enticed to rethink their moral standing and accept big money deals – even though those same human rights abuses continue and worsen to this day.

Sporstswashing Saudi Arabia 2023

Saudi Prisoners of Conscience Annual Report 2022

“The 2022 report sheds light on political prisoners in Saudi Arabia who are being tortured and murdered”

Our landmark review of the abuses of prisoners of conscience in the MBS-era

“Repression and intimidation are not – and never should be – the acceptable companions of reform.” JAMAL KHASHOGGI, SAUDI JOURNALIST AND AUTHOR (1958-2018)

Saudi Prisoners of Conscience

Report 2020/21

‘It’s not just Loujain’

Our annual review of human rights in Saudi Arabia

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Our annual review of human rights in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s $1.5bn Sports-Washing Programme

“Saudi Arabia should be treated as a pariah” – that was the view of then candidate Joe Biden, and it’s not hard to see why.