“There are individuals, groups and communities worldwide whose basic human rights have been denied, who suffer in silence, whether due to extreme torture, abuse or deprived of their freedom, for this reason the birth of Grant Liberty was inevitable.” Saladin Ali, CEO, Grant Liberty

Human rights are the basic values that are accorded to every individual in the world from birth until death. These fundamental liberties are based on shared values such as freedom, equality, dignity and independence. Grant Liberty is a London-based non-profit organisation which aims to stand and fight for human rights worldwide without fear or favour. From the despicable abuse of prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, to the brutal treatment of migrant workers in Qatar and the UAE, and the atrocities being carried out against the Uyghur people in North West China, Grant Liberty will campaign against human rights abuses wherever we see them. Grant Liberty is a global voice for those who have been silenced. We believe that rights and freedom anywhere in the world are an integral part of the global struggle for human dignity. We aim to address human rights violations from the emboldened individuals to governments.

We want to provide liberty for all regardless of race, colour and belief, to hold to account those who have forced injustice on the innocent. We do this by lobbying, raising awareness, engaging in global coverage, petitioning and involving national and international courts to fight against global oppression.


Grant Liberty seeks to be a global voice for those who have been silenced, oppressed and imprisoned. Our core values are based on our fundamental belief in: Justice, Freedom, Equality, Dignity, Security and Accountability.

We expect individuals, groups, communities and governments to uphold these values in every corner of the globe – and we will hold the powerful to these standards.


As long as injustice persists, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, help us bring light to this injustice today by sharing this page and start making the difference.

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