The Uyghur Genocide

There is currently an unknown genocide taking place which is one the biggest silenced atrocities of our generation.

The Uyghurs are an ancient Turkic population that origins trace back to Tibet, Mongolia and China. The population is approximately 11 million with the majority of the race residing in China within the XingJiang province. Since 2014 the communist regime in China has aggressively persecuted the Uyghurs resulting in over 1 million people facing human rights abuse, torture and death in concentration camps since 2016. The Chinese government publicly calls them ‘internment’ camps however the Chinese translation actually translates to concentration camps.

Uyghurs traditionally follow the religion of Islam which is not excepted by the Chinese communist government. Since 2017, an estimated 380 prisons have been built with many designed to hold a minimum of 10,000 detainees, it is impossible to say accurately how many people have or are being held as many have family members held or are scared to speak out publicly for fear of reprisals.

Any Uyghurs found to practise their religion whether publicly or privately are immediately captured and placed in prison. Prisoners are subjected to communist rhetoric played continuously on loudspeakers in an act of brainwashing and sleep deprivation. All detainees must denounce their religion and God and except that the only true leaders are the Chinese government. They are forced to learn Mandarin and are not allowed to communicate in their own dialect or with each other If caught speaking they find themselves in cells which are not big enough to lie down in, and are starved which in some cases has resulted in death.

Women and young girls are sterilised without their knowledge which can only point to the regime wanting to put an end to this race of people. Even more horrific is new-borns being taking immediately once their mothers give birth to be euthanised.

This cannot be allowed to continue! China is going to extreme lengths to cover the extent of these human rights abuses by erasing satellite images from platforms such as Google and replacing them with blank greyed out squares. Many researchers have followed the growth of these camps which are expanding at a rapid rate.

We are calling for an end and immediate release of these prisoners who are being detained against their will for doing nothing other than peacefully believing in their religion without causing harm to anyone.

We are demanding a review of the human rights policies


Grant Liberty needs your support in the following ways:

  1. Provision of information – We are constantly seeking for any information someone has regarding the Uyghur’s, so that under we can provide a platform to voice.
  2. Raising awareness – Please share our work and campaign on all your social medial channels, friends, colleagues etc so that we can increase public awareness.
  3. Donate to help continue – Please get in contact with us, if you would like to donate anything towards the running of the campaign. Every little bit helps right now.


“There is growing international criticism of China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims but, as of yet, no country has taken any action beyond issuing critical statements. It’s on this basis we decided to do a campaign to highlight this issue before it’s too late”